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Hampshire Pageant of Motoring 2008.

Once again for the first few hours it was raining, this didn't put off most people except for one, a complete lightweight and we all know who you are! For the hardy people who set off in the rain had to cope with zero visibility on the motorway and a mud pie at the entrance to the event, this resulted in opposite lock driving just to maintain a straight line; this is easy for Mike as it is normal driving for him.

Those who arrived later were greeted with some sunshine, dry roads, a solidifying mud pie and for the lightweight; some serious ribbing.

The club turnout was good, above from left to right is Alan N, Mike, Gazebo, Ray and Roly, below is Graeme and Olly (it's not clean enough yet matey!).

Alan brought his gazebo again to shelter from the rain but it turned out to be shelter from the sun.

The show is a large one held over 2 days and as usual there was a very good turnout of cars from all manufacturers, which is great as it makes it an interesting event.

As well as few Capris there were some interesting cars as well as one from the telly; the Sweeney Consul GT.

Being as I am writing this I will allow myself the luxury of featuring a couple of cars that were dreams from my yoof.

There was also a bit of a supprise when we had and air display from a Spitfire, a Hurricane and a Dakota; those Spitfires sound beautiful.

Appoligies for the poor photograph though.