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Popham Aero Day 2008.

As can be seen from the not to colourful photographs this event was also effected by the good old British weather. Although the rain propper stayed away we had a few bouts of large drizzle; enough the keep the cars wet all day.

The show was prevoiusly washed out back in May so it was a real shame the weather turned out as poor as it effected the visitor numbers, the public carpark was never really more than a quater full.

There was a fair bit of flying, mainly from small light aircraft and some Autogyros, these were the little craft with free spinning rotors, the same a 'Little Nell' from the Sean Connery James Bond film 'You only live twice'.

We had 5 cars for our stand which were Graeme, Mike, Roly, AlanN and Ray. Fortunatly Alan had bought his gazebo which turned out to be a real bonus, Rolys car had to give it up though as we feel the rain more than cars.

The no shows were; Wayne because of more car trouble, and misfire and a melted fuel line.