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Shalbourne Manor 2008.

This show was a truly brilliant show in it's first year, organised by a group looking to fund the local church and held in the grounds of a local substantial house; Shalbourne Manor in the Wiltshire countryside.

A big respect goes to Ray who found the event by driving past signs for it at the side of the road and having;

Firstly the foresight to track down the organisers and book us in and,

Secondly the use of a weather forecasting crystal ball for predicting the perfect weather from 2 weeks previous!

The club turnout was good, above and below from left to right is Ray, Alan N, Roly and Graeme including a group shot of all but Graeme nestling in their natural habitat between old Fords of the Ray and Alan machines.

The event brought such a varied array of cars which made it a joy to attend, allsorts were on show and I defy anybody who has a remote interest in cars not to find something to jog a memory, for instance the below; although the pictures are my choice and do not represent the limit of the show, there were some Jaguar things on show; E types I think, Alan seems to like them and tried in vain to educate me.

And yes that is a Rolls Royce Pickup!!. And a few more....