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Alton Bus Show 2009.

This was a new show for us as a club, the turnout was restricted to 2!! However it was good, if you like rides on vintage busses as I do.

There were no queues, which is a refreshing change to the norm. The weather was okish, meaning it only rained once which is pretty good for a british summer. There were some pretty good examples of American Fords on show with these 2 Mustangs being pretty representative.

This is a pretty good example of a Fiesta Supersport (albeit I am biased) with a fine exhibit of a wife in the background.

This Escort was a very impressive example of an unmolested 2 door; I'm sure the Old Skool Ford brigade would like this to base a racer upon.

I have to say though I really fancied one of these as a boy, it just looks so simple but has a hell of a bite with a 2300cc engine!!

To me though; if my opinion counts for anything, the car of the show has to be this. I WANT THIS CAR!!!! NOW.

Oh, I nearly forgot. It was after all a bus rally.