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Capri 40th anniversary, Brooklands.

A fairly early start today. We followed the previous approved practice of sychronised motorway meeting last used for the uxbridge show! A short queue got us into the stand where we were duly greeted and parked up by Alan P (who is also a member of the Surrey branch who organised the show).

During queueing for the entrance, Olly practised his burn-out technique whilst not trying to hit Jeff in front of him..."well we were on a race track after all" was his excuse much to Jeff's disgust!

Once we were inside, Alan Moore was syphoned off into his own little exclusive area where all the fancy cars were, but its ok, for we'd like to think our display looked just as good without him! We reckon what he had to do to earn him that space isnt able to be published on here!

Not a bad show, bit dull if you didnt like capris though! however, a very nice selection of capri shaped metal turned up from all parts of the country and indeed abroad.,

And some more....

Capris on the historic Brooklands racing circuit.

The planes were interesting to walk round (for the anoraks amongst us...) Slight disapointment about the lack of any autojumble at all save for autoglym, but this may have resulted in the usual scrap piles of jumble you normally get at car shows.... so no great loss there then!

And finally, another swig from our sponsor and his partner in crime.