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Classic Ford 2009.

Well what a complete contrast to last year, the weather was just stunning. Sun block was THE accessory to have!!

As usual though there was a queue heading back to the crossroads that feeds Santa Pod but this moved fairly quickly so wasn't such a problem. Least so for the overnight campers, one of which was our very own Mike who took advantage of the quiet Saturday to blast his treasured Capri 280 up the drag strip. He did a respectable time but his reaction time of 1.2 seconds made a few of the hardened racers have a laugh at his expense.

We had 5 cars for our show which were; moving along the line, Sharon & Phil, AlanM, Roly, Ray and Mike. That's Roly on the right, rollup in hand, tea on the brew. He's the man.

There were a few cars from the TV, the Bronze 'Professionals' Capri, the Gold 'Life on Mars' Cortina and the 'Minder' Capri. It's really good to see them in the flesh, perhaps the white sun blind is a bit much though.

There were some other cars I think worthy of seeing like these. The Capri Perana is just lovely; there can't be a Capri lover out there who wouldn't sell someone to get hold of one!
How about that air vent in the blue Capri bonnet, that must be unique and looks brilliant; such innovation and nicely done too.
Nice clean Zodiac there Sir.

And a few more.... I just love those two Anglia vans.