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Ford Fair

Classic Ford magazine were putting on a cavalcade around the track to celebrate 40 years of Capri and 50 years of Anglia. Hence the reason for us to be making an out-of-the-ordinary trip up to Northamptonshire this year ....

They wanted us there by 09.00 so yet another early start but our six cars made it anyway. (Alan M, Rowland, Dave (nice 24v Capri, Dave!), Sharon & Phil, Ray and Olly)

We were pleased to discover, when we arrived, that we had our own Classic Ford piece of England, reserved for Capris, Anglias and sundry other Old Skool Fords.
It was a bit of a tight squeeze but we all managed it!

The show had been organised in such a way that we couldn't hear the "Sound Systems" that some of the show-goers like to show off. Probably coincidental but that was an added bonus!

Next to us we had the Concours entrants, amongst which was a lovely RS200 and some beautiful Capris such as an orange T Reg 3.0S which had travelled 2,500 miles from new!

Plus some decent looking cars.

Behind us was a sea of RS Fords - mainly Cosworth and Focus.

There was the usual selection of traders and food outlets dotted around of course, trying hard to make us part with our hard-earned! Or for something different and for those brave enough there were rolling roads and 0-60 strips.

Somewhere in the far distance were those sound systems and rest of the Ford Fair family.

So, we settled in to a bit of tittivating of our motors. Then at around 11.30 we had to sign-in and attend a drivers' briefing before assembling our cars in the pits shortly afterwards. Our 100+ Capris were joined by lots of Anglias and some Mk1/2/3 Escorts and eventually we all set off sedately for a couple of laps of the circuit. Shame it was so slow but at least we all got back in one piece!

The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the show and the lovely August weather. Suddenly it was getting on for 5pm. Where had the time flown to? A good sign that we had enjoyed Ford Fair this year!

Here's to the next one?