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Basingstoke Festival of Transport 2009.

Once again Basingstoke supplied a great show together with fantastic weather. We had a good turn out with 8 cars but only 6 spaces on the club stand, meaning 7 cars got in and one had to beg space on the South Hants Capri club stand.

We had another early start meeting at Down Grange in Basingstoke for a 09:00 off to the show ground. We drove down in Convoy and I must say it looked very good, I had a great vantage point from the back.

As usual with the Basingstoke show there were 2 large fields filled with all types of cars, motorcycles, busses, lorries, vintage, classic and modern cars. Below is a fair example of what was on display.

As usual there is always one car you want to take home with you and as I am writing this then I get to choose, and here it is...

All in all a very good show with a turnout of around 800 vehicles, lots of dust to take home and a good sunburn; for those of us (me) who forgot the sun block!

Lastly, the prize of 'The person who needs to clean their car between events' goes to Mike. Well done [Accompanied by a polite ripple of applause].