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Hampshire Pageant of Motoring 2009.

We kicked off with an 08:00 meeting at North Waltham where we moved off in convoy with the slowest car in front; errrm , that'll be me then. The good thing about being a slow coach is you get that bygone thrill of the open road, it causes all sorts of mayhem behind though as I was informed of once at Romsey.

Having arrived at the venue we were directed across the field to our pitch, however after a little head scratching and searching for pitch 70 which we eventually found hiding around the 40's and 50's we set up camp.

As can be seen we had a really good turnout; 9 cars, moving along the front line, AlanM, Roly, Olly, David & Ryan, Graeme and along the rear line Phil, Sharon, Jeff and Mike.

Unfortunately today the weathermen lied, we all dressed for sunnyish weather but instead but got wind, no sun and drizzle!! Bit of a shame this because of the low cloud the parachute display was rather short and the flying display scheduled was cancelled.

Never mind, we stiffened our British upper lips and whinged the whole day, no we didn't, we put up the gazebo and hid.

There was still a huge turnout of cars, by my guesstimate around 500/600 cars, below are a few.

The Sweeney Consul GT made an appearance.

And some more,