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Newbury Classic Car Show 2009.

This was the first time we've done this show in anger as a club, previously a few attended sporadically but going en masse, together with the stunning weather really made an event.

We kicked off with an 08:30 meeting at the local Halfords where we moved off in convoy to the racecourse venue.

After a little shuffling we eventually got our pitch sorted out and lined up. The Granada, the Lambretta and Jeep were Capris in disguise.

We had one of the best turnouts yet; 9 cars, moving along the line, Phil (Granada), AlanM, Sharon, Mike, Roly, Olly, Ray (Lambretta), Graeme (Jeep) and Jeff.

The sunny weather certainly brings out the enthusiasm!!.

It also brings out some very nice cars, I have a selection of them below but there were just too many to fit on this page. For me the star must be the black Mustang, although the Orange Escort RS1600 is a close second.

I found this Cortina GT hiding under the trees looking like it just came out of the showroom.

And the prize for just letting the world go by, goes to....