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Popham Aero Day 2009.

As you can see we had a pretty decent club stand, stretches as far as the eye can see, well nearly.

Eight of us had another early start, meeting at Down Grange in Basingstoke around 09:00. We drove down in Convoy with another new guy "Big Dave" with a very nice Red 3.0S; third one in above.

Big thanks to Wayne for organising this and for turning up in his Capri; unlike last year!

It was a reasonable day, weather wise, cloudy but dry. It did get kinda freezing by the end of the day though.

And the Doughnuts were rubbish!

There were a couple of others keeping the legend alive. South Hants Capri club were there with 6 cars plus there were a couple of solos; including this lovely MK1.

Hundreds of all types of vehicles turned up, from the vintage to the awesome.

All in all a pretty good show and spectacular turnout.
We enjoyed it enough to stay till the bitter end - well - it was either that or join an exit queue that didn't seem to be moving!