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Picket Piece Car Show.

Five of us had a nice(!) early start, meeting at Down Grange in Basingstoke.
We were joined by 4 cars from East Berkshire Branch (including two Mk1's) and Sharon and Phil's black; yes BLACK - really - 280 Janspeed, I'm sure you'll agree Sharon has a fine car there.

We then set off to Whitchurch to pick up Jeff before all continuing to the nearby show - 11 cars all in a glorious convoy!

At the show the East Berks guys found their own stand, leaving just the six of us before we were joined by Jim Allen of Newbury/Thatcham Branch. This meant that for the first time we had three turbocharged Capris, including Alan's, all side by side with bonnets open and comparisons being made!

The weather was fabulous - the earlier rain of the weekend decided to have a rest and let the sun come out - and the sun didn't need any second asking - out it came with a vengeance and yes- we all went home with red necks at the very least!

Hundreds of all types of vehicles turned up, the organisers opening up the overflow field for late arrivers. As usual there was a very varied mix - classics, future classics and moderns; cars, bikes, commercials and steamers; British, European and American. Added interest came from plenty of traders' stalls, offering everything from a cuddly toy to a complete vehicle!

As the season opener, many acquaintences were renewed, lots of bull was expounded and everybody agreed that it had been a great day out. Here's to the next one!

And finally, a word from our sponsor.