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Shalbourne Manor Classic Car Show.

The show starts late morning so we didnt need to get up early (for once) although Olly still ran late (although in his defence no-one had actually told him what time we were leaving!) and caught the others up on the M4. We then were joined by Ray in Hungerford meaning 5 cars in all (Olly, Sharon, Phil, Alan M and Ray).

One had a marvellous time at this spiffing little car show which is organised by local people in order to raise funds for the local church. It does attract the weathly type though and hog roasts / salmon sandwiches and tea and scones were the order of the day! Still, none the less it is an excellent show and not too big which makes a change.

Car of the day has to be the supercharged 24 litre V12 "thing" (no badges but it looked like chitty chitty bang bang) that arrived late morning, I bet that makes some noise at 80mph! Its practically a spitfire engine on wheels!

And finally. Olly, having been introduced to the marvels of chrome cleaner was truly astonished at its brilliance, this was a life changing moment for him, and near to tears, realised he had been born again.