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Thatcham Classic Car Show.

A decent start time for this little show, meeting at 10:00 by the railway station left a short drive to the village green. The show is in it's 2nd year and had a good turnout of cars; this show will be one to watch as I think it'll soon fill the whole green.

Only 4 of us at this one due mainly to it being on a Saturday, but they were; left to right Dave, Graeme Ray and Olly.
Extra special thanks to Ray for selling his soul in exchange for sunny weather.

One car that took hold of everybody's heart was this Alfa Van, the finish was spot on and it had a Twin Cam engine.

A few cars below were notable, the blue Manta A had a Rover V8 fitted and it looked like it should have been there from the word go, that thug of Audi looks awesome and Mustangs speak for themselves.

And some more.... 2 Lotus Cortinas at a village show was a bit of a surprise.