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Uxbridge Auto Show

The day got off to a gloomy start - it had rained during the night and was threatening more at 06.00am on the morning of the 2009 Uxbridge Autoshow.

The club hadn't been to this show before - that was a new experience.
We spent the whole of last year in the rain - that was NOT a new experience and ideally one not to be repeated!

Nevertheless, we all packed our optimism into our respective Capri boots and off we set, seemingly from all points of Berkshire and Hampshire.
We decided to elaborate on a technique previously and successfully employed when we visited the Classic Ford Show at Santa Pod - meet on the motorway, adjusting speed accordingly in order to meet up en route. And it worked perfectly, despite taking place across the M3, M4 and M25 motorways!

We sailed into the show like a dream with Sharon at the head of our little convoy of six Fords - no queue, just straight in! After a little confusion attempting to find our stand, amidst mutterings of "never trust a woman's directions...", we finally took our place in the generously proportioned plot.

We noticed immediately that the show seemed very well organised and with lots of facilities. The site was a very pleasant area of grassland. And there were plenty of cars to look at, especially Fords.


In the arena within the inner area of the show various demonstrations and performances took place during the day to entertain the punters and generally add to the sense of fun. An eight foot clown cycled around on a unicycle and I wonder if anybody spotted the Spiderman clones......? Hmmm - nice lycra, boys!!

OK, yes, it did rain - four or five brief showers during the day but to be honest they didn't spoil the fun! When the time came to bid the show a reluctant Goodbye, we found that we were able to leave without getting held up in a huge queue. A great show - definitely one to be added to our annual calendar of events. Thanks for introducing us to it and organising our place there, Sharon!

Here are a couple of photographs of what the South Africans had to tool around in, thanks to Basil Green of Perana fame.

And finally, another word from our sponsor.