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Windsor Classic Car Show.

A gathering at 08:30 in a Windsor pub saw us full of expectations when we were rudely moved off by management when he obviously became miffed at us having a good time without having bought his breakfast!

Still thinking 'what a to**er' we moved off in the direction of the great park; and into to the parking area where we set up camp.

Setting up the pitch is when realisation dawns that we are nearly taking over; nine cars, now that's not too shabby.
Going from left to right we have Graeme, Ray, Roly, Sharon, AlanM, Phil, Mike, David and Rob (Porsche).

May I draw attention to Sharon's valiant efforts to fend off any potential rain by providing a shelter for the Brookie, however I don't believe the gazebo worked, it's more that the weather dared not wet the car for fear of the consequences!!

There was a good turnout of all sorts of makes and models of cars, from the run of the mill up to the super cars. The weather could have been kinder, we had a north east wind that seemed to particularly target our part of the field, when walking round the show there did seem to be 'warmer' parts that were out of the wind.

Being Windsor, there are certain expectations. The club stand flag was not the usual cardboard thing, it was a quality printed version with a hardwood ground spike. Just what one expects.

There were some nice cars, and as usual, I get to chose them. Oh yes; being tagged on to the National Carriage driving championship there were some horses.

The car of the show has to be a 'Bullet Mustang'. If this comes up behind you on the motorway then no words are necessary; it is just says 'MOVE OVER'

And finally, can we all be a little sympathetic and keep the noise down for Roly, who found the day to be just a little too long.