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Classic Ford 2010.

An early start for this show, those who went were predominately from the Berkshire sub-division of Hants Capri Club!

We took a break at Toddington services on the M1 for any stragglers before continuing out journey.

Weather wise it was grey although it did brighten up mid-day before chucking down with rain just as we left! The view of Sharon’s Brooklands in the rain is just a sight to behold (a bit rain sensitive is our Sharon!)

Whilst not the views of the entire party, after this year some of us now think this show has had its day for us and has been ruined on several counts. Classic Ford show should suggest vehicles of a certain age are present (I'd like to think designs over 25 years old qualify), but how can several 2010 reg Focus ST's, 2005 - 2010 Fiestas, Sierra Cosworths, Mondeos, mk5/6 escorts etc constitute as classic cars?? In fact I'd go so far to say that the modern stuff equalled if not exceeded the number of Classics.

There was also a sense that if you didnt speak like dat innit, brought you b*tches with you and wore your baseball cap back to front, you is like well un-welcome.

It also paid to have a phat gold chain round your neck, pretend you are Puff Daddy and beat everybody up with your 1000W 30Hz sub on full chant. Chav-tastic.

The auto jumble was really a sign of the times with classic fords, pricey, with many dealers knowing exactly what they could get for their parts, although obviously there’s not a lot the organisers can do about this. However the odd rare genuine part appeared amongst the scrap so you couldn’t blame them really.

The strip was busy as ever, several cars leaking oil badly and damaging the surface but I guess that’s all part of the chavvy fun.

The main highlight as ever was the jet car which always amazes everybody. Thanks to Santa Pod for running it.

So in short, massively disappointing. I wish I could be more positive. All I hope is that the organizers are reading this and next year will send all the modern stuff to the Fast Ford show instead??. ... Some of us will not be going next year.