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Cranleigh Classic Car Show 2010.

This show is a first for us and thanks to Sharon for spotting it here we are. There was a better than average turnout making an impressive stand.

There was a meeting at Meadows car park, Camberley where everyone convened and set off to the show ground. What with the week's generous rain there was a little mud to greet us together with slippery grass.

Most people turned up suitably attired except for Olly in the 'digipig and Graeme in the Jeep.

This show is easily comparable to the Uxbridge show with all sorts of ages and types of cars on show.

Below are a few to consider.

Olly had a particular penchant these two little beauties with a preference on the tiny yellow one; there's hope for him yet!!

The Puma is anything but a Puma. This guy built it from a Sierra floor pan and Ford works rally wheel arches to hide a rear wheel drive 300 horse power Cosworth engine; apparently its a handful.

Fire up the Quattro Bolly. Sorry; I couldn't resist that. No, this is the real deal, it didn't actually get shot to pieces because here it is. Well, it did get some windows broken and fake bullet holes.

I like American Trucks, so here's a self indulgent moment.

The show had an arena co-commentated by Mark Evans of 'A car is Born' fame. We got our moment in the arena.