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Deers Hut Car Show, Liphook.

This show was one I went to last year and was a cracker, so I spread the word that reached as far as Sharon and Phil.

Anyway, having agreed to meet at the pub; The Deers Hut, we duly greeted each other at around 10:00, with near perfect, dry, half cloudy and not too hot.

From last year's experience and this year's show mirrored it, you have to gett there early because by 12:00 it really starts to get busy and by 13:00 it's completley mobbed with cars having to park anywhere, including the main road. If I were to compare the show with another it would be Shalbourne Manor, only with a jazz band.

I'll not bore you further but just show some of the cars.

This one below was a Le Mans racer worth a cool £1 million; it announced itself miles away with the loudest exhaust note possible.

A couple of decent American cars, the one on the right was a 427ci (7 Litre) with a 4 speed manual, not many Americans would know how to use that!

This steam powered car arrived (as did it did last year) and is just so cool, check out the snake steam vent.

Here's Laurel and Hardy, not the real ones of course.

Nice little lorry and a "this is how I found it" cracker.