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Egham Royal County Show 2010.

As Mike and Ray weren’t attending this show we thought we would have a late start so, we (Sharon, Phil & Alan M) met Viv & Andy and Christian in Ascot high street at 8.30 to head for the Wheatsheaf along the A30 where Jayne & Jim were waiting.

We arrived at the showground a little after 9.30 to a fairly empty space over the next hour or so the area filled up with various cars of all kinds of ages.

To be honest there were rather a lot of Rolls Royce’s & Bentley’s but as I was told, “Well we are in Egham”.

The weather was maybe a little blowy which was complimented by 2 or 3 short sharp downpours throughout the morning and early afternoon, later in the day however in did pull it’s self together and turn into quite a nice day (when we stood out of the wind !!)

There were various activities in the arena ranging from search and rescue dogs to a motorcycle display team who seemed to keep falling off their bikes in mid air !!.

Once again I am afraid the childish element was rife at this show and several people were fed the very very sour sweets which made their faces contort somewhat, Jayne & Jim didn’t seem to be in to much pain, the prize however does go to Andy for this corker !!!

Around 4pm we all drove into and around the arena area for the prize giving, several big money awards were handed out with the first prize being a whooping £10.00 I believe, we didn’t get a look in so this figure is unconfirmed.

After that we said our goodbyes and went on our merry way looking forward to the next show.

Don’t really know which car I would like to take home but I suspect it would have to be the Blue Mustang which did after all win a first prize.