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Basingstoke Festival Of Transport.

The annual Basingstoke Festival of Transport show, different from last year as then we basked in summer sun, whereas today was effin freezing!!. We had a good turn out from the club.

As usual though there was a huge turnout with an enormous variety of cars, vans and lorries. The MK1 Capri club showed these two little beauties of small engined standard cars. It was good to see the 'lesser' models as they are sadly lacking from shows.

Once again as I'm writing this I get to indulge myself and pick the cars for the page

I have a soft spot for these E38 BMW's, MK1 Cortinas remind me of my yoof, everybody like Mustangs and Anglia's, well there Anglia's; everybody's parents had one, if you're my age.

Oh and what about this little honey....

and these....

And finally

There is always 'that' element trying to undermine society, apparently there was some dealing and taking of a substance (below left) long thought eradicated. The perpetrators have been photographed but since police records do not go that far back we are asking if anybody knows any of the individuals below.