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Newbury Classic Car Show 2010.

We did this event last year and thought it was a great show, this year was no different except we were lacking in numbers for one reason or another.

The usual meeting at Halfords followed by the short trip to the racecourse and we set up camp; both of us!

Below is the club stand; Ray's Brookie and Graeme's Jeep. Olly's car is still under going work so attended in his Mondeo, affectionately called 'Digipig'.

The weather started on a cloudy note but soon perked up, not that we noticed as we spent a good deal of the day in the pub, perfect.

Anyway, some cars.

A couple of Escorts; the orange one is an original with what looks like the original tyres and the white one which is a racer and a bit of a thug.

A brace of Mustangs. The Green one is my favourite.

The Cortina is a complete self indulgent thing, I just love them. The black Jag was simply and universally liked, take a look at the trimming in the door card, a bit of Art Deco, the rest of the trim was of similar standard.

The Rover SDi looked resplendent hiding in the trees and the GT6 is here is because Olly likes them. Well, the car was in very good nick but Olly wanted it known that he has some taste that aligns with the rest of the planet, in this case I agree.

Car of the day; welll truck of the day goes to......