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Picket Piece Car Show.

This show was the one cancelled on Easter Monday due to the field being waterlogged, it was rescheduled for today and boy what a difference, scorchio!!.

Having met a Jeff's house we set off in a convoy down the back roads as this gets us in without having to queue. Once there we were met by the Gestapo "If your name ain't down you're not gettin' in", so a couple of us had to go into the day car park.

This being probably the hottest day of the year was the one where we didn't have a gazebo to hide under, so sanctuary was sought in the shady side of the cars.

As usual there were a tremendous amount of cars present, no doubt helped by the sun.

All in all a cracking show. I just have to wonder if this camper was just like this, or it was made to look like it, Rat look??

This show's game, treat? was a little sweetie called 'Toxic waste'. It has the most disgusting taste to which most of us screwed up our face or spat it out. Graphically speaking, Graeme (below left) just swore but Mike looks like he's retching. Can I have some more please?

And finally (as is expected now), here we have Mike making a sterling effort on the wheels, please note the surgical inspection glove and the "I'm ready pose" from Ray.