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Shalbourne Manor Car Show 2010.

Eight optimistic members of Hampshire Capri Club travelled from most parts of Berkshire (oh, and Rowland and Mum from Basingstoke - well done for flying the Hants flag, Rowly!).

We met at Hungerford Station car park at the appointed hour. (A very civilised 11.00am!!!) We thought we heard Greame say at the last show - I'lll be there - but we must have been mistaken. The Berkshire contingent found the late start difficult to grasp and arrived 15 mins early. We waited for sooooo long for Ray and Roland to turn up we had to amuse ourselves so Policeman Dave lead the scrumping.

Once assembled off we cruised down the A338 at a very sedate 40 mph....

In no time at all we had navigated our way to the tiny village of Shalbourne to take part in their third annual Classic Car and Bike show at the local, neighbourhood Manor. All in aid of raising money for heating in the church. Or maybe for the roof..... (There seemed to be some confusion amongst the organisers but an irrelevance anyway!)

The next navigational challenge was to avoid the huge hump at the entrance, but Sharon and Alan M are slowly whittling it down year by year hee hee !!. Once in, we formed our usual poor attempt at a straight line (although we are getting better).

As previous years we were joined by a wonderful array of machinery of all ages, some dating right back to the beginning of the 20th century and just about all in superb condition. The four piece, brass jazz band took its regular place in the back of an immaculate 1920's Rolls Royce pick-up truck and when all heads stopped and turned we knew that the enormous, 12 cylinder supercharged ninety year old racing "Thing" had arrived, rumbling, vibrating and growling, I imagine, like an angry hippo!

And Sharon made some finishing touches to polish.

As per usual the choice of car to get run over by, for a moment it was going to be this Beach Buggy, but then I spotted the DB4 and went all gooey eyed and started to dribble judge for yourself !!

As the day came to an end we lamented the weather (quite cold and generally crap) and as the thermometer plummeted, everyone was relieved at the end of the day to climb into their ride and get the heater blowing warm

And finally.. .. this was the last show of the year for some of us, which is good because this gives some time to recover from the excitement of the year; as Alan clearly demonstrates, is needed. ......