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Thatcham Car Show 2010.

Two members of Hampshire Capri Club ventured out for this one, following on from last year's offering we predicted that this will be a show to watch. We were not disappointed as it now is taking over more and more of the park

We met at Thatcham Station at a very civilised 10.00am and journeyed to the park where Ray made proper spectacle trying to manoeuvre through the entrance, but we did manage to park up.

As can be seen from the gloomy skies the much vaunted weather did not arrive, despite many hopefuls arriving in their shorts and tee shirts.

Anyway, some cars. We managed to park up beside a genuine Escort Twin Cam, actually looking very ordinary in standard trim (minus Minilites of course) but a refreshing change from the south London look.

Check out the grille on the red Triumph.

I personally like the MK1 Cortina and the Lotus Sunbeam; you just don't see these anymore.

This little Anglia was so clean is was easy to overlook, I don't know what engine it has as the lid wasn't open.

These two Minis, an original Cooper S and a Wide Boy newer one, I can't decide which I like best.

Continuing the theme of 'pick out the car you'd most like to be run over by' goes to this split screen Morris Minor. The guy had only just finished building it complete with 250BHP Rover V8, 2 inch widening at the rear for an axle and 6 inch lengthening behind the front wheels for the V8.