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Uxbridge Auto Show.

We, as a club attended this show last year. However I didn't as I went to a more local event, BIG mistake, this show must be one of the best I've ever attended. It is just so big, easily two fields full of all sorts of cars; from vintage through to 2010 Focus RS's

The stand had about 12 cars who arrived in various convoys thought the morning. There was some issue with the Sat Nav skills of a certain individual, resulting in one convoy enjoying the sights of Uxbridge and it's railway station.

Weather wasn't bad, starting from not very warm with a chilling wind through to quite warm and sunny at the end of the day.

Enough chat, here's some cars.....

What do you call a pair of Lotus Cortina’s, a Brace, a couple, a rust or what......

A couple of MKII Capri’s, not very often seen.

Another group of interesting cars. Note the breakdown lorry with an equally mint Mexico on the back, as if one car in mint condition isn't enough he has a lorry as well.

Some American stuff, nice Challenger, wrong colour and 'Eleanor'.

Check out this very angry looking Moggy, it's got a Rover V8 and I think it looks the dogs danglies.

The following two pictures are especially for my pal Olly, who has a unique outlook on life that stands him apart from others. For instance, take the Lotus Carlton below; most people agree it's a good looking high performance motor that is very much an icon. To Olly though, it's an un-aerodynamic box worth about £200 to him.

Oh, and the Granada wheels are gay, Ollys words.

I think I remember him saying that if each were to be fitted with a vinyl roof, they would be ok.