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Bearwood Classic Car Show.

Despite the lousy Friday night Saturday morning was bright and sunny when we met in Sainsbury's car park at 10.00am (well most of us hee hee Rolie) we were joined by 5 guys from East Berks Capri Club.

After waiting until 10.45 for the man with the Black 3.0s we left for the 5 mins drive to Bearwood, it was a good job Sharon was a no show as she most likely would have died as the road from Sainsbury's was flooded and we did get split up and rather damp !!

Upon entering Bearwood College we were directed to our area which meant driving through the woods, literally through the woods. Dave from BADCCC had placed us at the bottom of the steps at the back of the house, brilliant spot thanks Dave.

Just a taste of some of the cars...

The car up here is a Toyota

As the day progressed the crowds got bigger and the whole day was most enjoyable. The sun shone all day to the point where Alec had to excuse himself as his head and face were starting to glow very loudly Ha! Ha!.

The BADCCC had donated a trophy called "The Car I would Most Like To Be Run Over By" unashamedly stolen from our website choice of favourite car each show !!

On the subject of which the car this writer would have to choose and there will be no surprises to anyone who knows me.

Gulf Racing replica GT40, I would have liked to be a slightly more compact guy like our friend Rob with the 1600E as he got to sit in the GT40, if I got in most likely I would still be trying to get out of it !!

Thanks to Dave @ BADCC for the invite and we would hope to return next year

Editors Note [Actually, the choice for "The Car I would Most Like To Be Run Over By" is wrong, clearly it is this, well you can't trust the judgement of a bloke who bases the choice of future venue solely on the temperature of the lemonade!!!!]