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Deers Hut Car Show, Liphook.

This one is a leisurely start arriving at the show ground at around 09:30 after a drive through the country, we were ushered to our parking spaces in the windiest part of the field.

We consoled ourselves by acquiring a pub garden table, this gave us a seating area while we waited for the show to truly kick off.

During our wait for the other cars and the sunshine, we got progressively colder while eyeing up the non windy side of the field. so we waited, got colder and then it rained!

Not disheartened, we were seranaded by this fu*@ing thing, the only person enjoying it was that smug bas*@*d posing on the left, still, it did eventually shut up.

Anyway, some cars. I think this is the first time I've seen an Austin A35 in red; looks good.

Hmmm, Mustang any one?

I just love these two, a Model T and a US airfield workhorse.

And of course there is the obligatory "car you wouldn't mind being run over by" which goes to this. Don't know what it is but it made a good noise when it arrived and it was just huge.