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Egham royal Car Show 2011.

Sharon and Phil with both cars, Jim and Jayne, Rowly, Alec and Brigitte and Rob with his newly engined 1600E met at the Wheatsheaf Virginia Water before moving to the show.

John was supposed to join us with his Anglebox but it was feeling unwell and running a high temperature and so stayed at home.

The day started sunny and on arrival at the showground the gazebo was soon erected. In a break from this year’s BBQ tradition picnic food was the order of the day and a big thanks to Sharon and Jayne for great spread. Sharon’s 280 was immaculate as usual BUT it rained not once but twice and very hard, so it got wet and had muddy wheels!!!!!! Rob brought a portable TV with him and we were able to watch most of the Belgian GP between the showers. All in all a good day.

Loved this Puddle Jumper!

Even Corniches need jump starts now and again!!

Is this a king sized Corsair?

And finally the car I would most like to be run over by...

This beautiful Pilot!