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Basingstoke Festival Of Transport.

From a leisurely 09:00 meet at Down Grange we set off for the Memorial Park to find our pitch not too far from last year's; the only difference being we seem to have the windiest slot on the field..... still it didn't rain, but not that that kept the threatening clouds at bay.

With 2 fields of cars and commercials there were a lot to choose from, hopefully some of the one's below are what you'd agree are good 'uns.

This one below is a little inspiration for Rowly, as he's nearly finished his.

As is customary now a favourite car is chosen to be 'The car you'd choose to be run over by...'; however as there was some eagerness to select the winner I've decided to show the runners up, the entries are..

Now because there was some element of excluding certain types of vehicles from selection I have decided go against the grain of one individual and to choose this one, enjoy, Alan!!

One member duly parked his (white) Capri in line with the others, but while doing so it decided to let it'self down, by boiling over and watering the grass, this was accompanied by the mention; full of sympathy, that perhaps he'd be better off parking up with the traction engines!