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Newbury Classic Car Show 2011.

3 members braved the weather for this show, which I must say I have a soft spot for. This year seemed bigger than ever and fortunately the weather was kind(ish) to us. We had some sun which was hot when it appeared and some wind which kept the hundred or so American flags flying on the neighbouring stand!!

The usual meeting at Halfords followed by the short trip to the racecourse stuck in the queue for the neighbouring car boot sale where all 3 of us set up camp.

Below is the club stand; Rowly's 3.0S, Ray's Brookie and Graeme's Jeep.

There was an enormous ammount of quality cars on show, a stunning MKIII Cortina, a Mexico in the 'south London' look and an old crock; very nice though.

…a trio of Mustangs, difficult to choose the best but I think the Dark green one for me.

'80's Tastic!!

Another old Croc, if you look carefully you can maybe see a small percentage of the American flags I was talking about in the background.

As usual there is the trophy given by attendees that is "The car you would most like to be run over by". Guess what? I get to choose so the winner is..