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Popham Aero Day 2011.

So, in the wake of brilliant, unseasonally Summer-type weather and sunburn at the previous week's show at Andover, ten Capris and a very nice 1600E all made the pilgrimage from Down Grange to Popham at 9 o'clock on Mayday Monday morning.

After surviving a "Desert Storm"-type whirlwind of dust at the entrance, we took up our places in line at the airfield. It seemed a bit windy.... Good old Rowly, as usual, got the club banner and stakes out to announce us to the world. "Er, maybe not a good idea - it'll blow away!" Yes, it was a windy day. Windy and 'kin freezing! Nice and sunny though...

As usual the show was well attended by every possible variety of classic car you would wish to see. A few planes braved the windy conditions but maybe not as many as might have been...

Late in the morning it was decided to have a go at starting a bush fire so Sharon duly pulled all sorts of barbecue material out of her car, including a zillion varieties of meat. (The car's rear suspension breathed a heavy sigh of relief...!) Down to the back of the field went Hampshire Capri Club and up went the windbreak - as did the barbecue flames! Amazing that the organisers didn't put us out (...in more ways than one...) but no, we were left alone to devour the fatted calf! A few more tours around the show, a cup of the, er, finest tea served in all of Hampshire, Donuts of course and suddenly the show was over and we were all wending our weary ways home, nursing our windburnt and frostbitten peripheries..

A great day out again this year - thanks for organising it Wayne. Can we come back again next year? Pretty please?? Maybe you'll finally make it to the show in 2012, Wayne!