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Picket Piece Car Show.

So following our 8.30 meeting at a boarded up and being refurbished Down Grange we all followed Mike to Jeff’s house, after a nice ride around the lanes we arrived at the showground.

The queue wasn’t too bad to get in but then an ‘E’ Type decided it had done enough for the day and wanted to be pushed the rest of the way in !!

We had quite a large plot to park on easily fitting the 10 off us with space to spare. From the nearest…… Raymondo, Roland, Christian, Phil, Sharon, Alan M, Alec & Brigitte, Jayne & Jim, Mike and finally Jeff

It was as always a very well attended show with some old favourites present and loads of vehicles we had not seen before. A selection of the cars on show…….

How about a Cut & Shut Raleigh Chopper extended somewhat with an engine fitted into the gap.

This Shelby Mustang remains possibly one of the most beautiful cars made by Mr Shelby.

Following last years theme the award for Car I Would Like To Get Run Over By goes to this beautiful Classic Capri unfortunately the picture doesn’t do it justice but Raymondo agreed with me this should get the award !!

This was the first show of our season and sadly nobody made a fool of themselves, but I am sure that will soon be rectified.