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Shalbourne Manor Car Show 2011.

A pretty good turnout for this show; and a new gazeebo thanks to the Ebay guru that is Sharon, thank you.
There were 3 contingents heading for the show meeting at Hungerford train station car park. Anyway, the club stand having been selected as the windiest in the field didn't dissapoint and the gazeebo duly erected and tethered, the kettle went on, then the coats, then the windbreaks.

We were entertained at the show by a 3 piece band housed in the pick up section of a Rolls Royce! They were pretty good.

A brace of Cortinas, one with the South London look and the other looking very original and unrestored, very nice.

Ok, some cars. One with no paint, one with lots of paint (and a cat), one which is all engine, a Model T and a Hot Rod. (my vote goes to the Hot Rod)

And finally the award for 'the car I would most like to be run over by...' is a choice of 2. As I am writing this episode I get to chose, can you guess which one it is yet?

And the answer is....


As if you couldn't guess.

I would like to take this opportunity to resurrect an older tradition of “And finally….” This is where we take an unexpected photograph and add a comedy caption. So here goes.

And finally….. Arise Sir visitor to the club stand, Queen Sharon commands it. Hee hee I’m glad we got to do this; people now are usually so guarded when a camera is around, except today, hurrah.