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Uxbridge Auto Show.

Sunday 7th July 7.30am St. Crispins Wokingham and the force was with the Wokingham contingent (well actually it wasn’t cos Dave the Policeman didn’t attend) However Sharon, Phil, Andy, Jayne & Jim, Rob (1600E) and Alan M did. We had a nice leisurely drive around the M4, M25 and M40 to arrive at Uxbridge Showground 40 mins later.

As is now customary at Uxbridge we went on a search for our area. We had plenty of space for our cars and gazebo. When Clive and Andy from East Berks Branch arrived they parked on our stand as well as did Roland, Alec and Raymondo. So in all we had 12 cars on our stand including a Mk1, Mk1 facelift Mk2 3.0s, Mk2 Series 1 1600E, Mk2 Granada Estate and various Mk3’s. .

Once settled we erected the gazebo to protect us and the now legendary BBQ from the rain.

As lunchtime approached Jim stepped up to take on the role as head chef again (nice cooking Jim).

Despite the rain which came and went and came again the show was well attended both by show cars and public.

I chose this Pink Vauxhall as the car I would like to be run over by and this Mini Mini to carry in the boot in case Vauxhall runs out of fuel !!

Needless to say Sharon’s 280 did not make an appearance [nor Graeme's Jeep], no surprises there !!