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Annual Christmas Bash 2011.

We managed to get this year's Christmas Bash done before Christmas, unlike last year where the snow called a halt to things.

This one was a new one for us and held at the Waterwitch in Odiham, it was a very good event, very nice surroundings and excellent food. It didn't feel like food factory where they want you finished, out and vacant ready for the next sitters, the table(s) were ours all night.

The usual present giving was different as most of us still had last years gifts so it was a complete mystery as to what was coming. Apart from that everybody behaved themselves, nobody let them selves down and no outrageous presents.

A little note to myself, look for more risky gifts for next year.

Congrats to Mike for organising the event, it all went swimmingly; well it had to didn't it, it didn't want to receive an email with real venom!!!