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Bramshill Police College Open Day.

This was a nice civilised start to things arriving at the Police training college in Bramshill, Hampshire at about 09:15. This being a September morning it was quite chilly but soon warmed up into a lovely day with 25°C of sunshine.

Parking this time was an experimental diagonal exercise, I think it looks better than the normal side by side.

There were a few cars, around 100 or so I'd say of all sorts, American, vintage, Sports and us.

The manor house that forms part of the college had an open day with a WWII theme, there was a field hospital and many people in period dress

The colege also boasts a herd of white deer within the 300 acre grounds, if you look (very) carefully you can see them below.

Some of the people in people in period dress, I think they are Navy, Army and Civilian Police of the 1940's era, but I have been wrong before.

And so on to the decision as to "which car I'd most like to be run over by" goes to this Alvis, fortunately it appears the kind policeman is directing the Alvis to another victim so perhaps this should be re-labelled to "which car I'd most like someone else to be run over by"

Many thanks to Dave of BADCCC for offering the invitation to attend, most appreciated.