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Concorde Club Classic Car Show.

So a fairly civilised start for the BA Concorde Club Classic Car Show, we met at Tesco at The Meadows in Sandhurst at 10.00. Those attending were Sharon, Phil, Jayne/Jim, Alec/Brigitte, Christian, John/Sarah Anglia, Rob 1600E and Alan M.

For the first time ever Jayne actually knew where we had to go to (her brother used to live close by the venue) so we all followed her and Jim.

We headed out on the M3 and M25 onto the A4 towards Hounslow passing the back of Heathrow along the way where we had the most amazing experience, a Jumbo Jet flew straight over us so low that Rob swears he saw the pilot waving as they went over us

We arrived at The Concorde Club and were directed across the car park and onto the field, man what a lovely venue for a show the grass was all nicely cut and stretched back for what seemed like forever. Our Hampshire Capri Club area was marked and we were directed into our places by a nice man in uniform.

First out was the gazebo which once again we had to secure to the ground with guy ropes because of the wind. Sharon wanted to put the walls on but it was pointed out that if we did that we may as well fix a basket to it, all jump in give the control tower at Heathrow a call and tell them there was gonna be a UFO in their airspace Ha Ha!!

At one point before the BBQ was lit there was a guy standing surveying our coffee and tea selection he then disappeared only to return with an order of what all his mates wanted to drink, needless to say he went away empty handed

These guys could not believe Sharon's car was out in the rain !

Other than the wind and a couple of brief showers it was a very nice show, well attended and a good selection of cars many of which we had not seen before. Here is a selection of vehicles...

1964 Buick Rivera, Ford Falcon, Ford'Woody' and a Very Unusual 1968 Vauxhall Cresta Estate.

1978 Jaguar mmmmm lovely !!

My choice of 'Car to Be Run Over By' is this Standard Vanguard

Odd choice for me you may think but it is purely for sentimental reasons as most of my Sundays as a child were spent in one travelling to West Wittering with my Uncle and Aunty and as my Aunty died recently this car brought back many good and happy memories.

And finally a note to Marty if you leave the DeLorean parked with the doors open in Hounslow somebody is always gonna nick your flux capacitor and the rest of the time travelling gizmos!!!

All in all the show was very good and I have no doubt in saying we will attend again next year