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Cranleigh Classic Car Show.

Early start for this one but once the sleepy dust had been wiped away the convoy to the venue commenced, we were a little shy on numbers for various reasons but the convoy looks like days gone by with uncluttered roads ahead.

Having got into the arena and parked up it was soon realised what the weather had planned for us; 31°C, what they didn't talk about was the thunderstorm at lunchtime!!! Gazebo to the rescue.

The show was of a different format this year which made it seem larger than ever, the original field wasn't available so the neighbouring one’s were used......and the one we weren't meant to be in, odd.

Anyway, some cars......

A couple of real nice one, a thuggish Escort and the A-Team van.

When was the last time you saw one of these??

Special thanks go to the guy who positioned his enormous truck next to our picnic area just to test his loud exhaust!!!

Now, moving on to the car "you would most like to be run over by". The hot weather generated some lethargy and resulted in some resistance to generating the show report, that small window of opportunity allows me to indulge my self with a little something tasteful.

And so the winner could be......

Or could be this.....

Oh I just can't make up my mind so I've decided to allow myself run over by the first and taken to A&E in the second.