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Basingstoke Festival of Transport.

All hail the great yellow orb in the sky, bringer of warmth and smiles.
Warm(ish) and sunny for a change.

It’s 09:00 and the clan is about to depart from Down Grange, this is a pretty good turnout and what with the sun and decent surroundings makes a pretty sight.

Having held up the entrance queue while the officials found our spot, we park up in a none too shabby format. Gazebo erected, kettle out and stove on and we're sorted.

Even though we held up the entrance queue were were still given a certificate of appeciation for our long sanding support for the event.

The ground was surprisingly firm under foot considering the amount of rain we have been getting in the previous weeks and it allowed a huge amount of cars and sorts to be displayed.

A couple of really loud cars competing for "I've got the brightest paint" award.

Choosing the car "You'd most like to be run over by.." goes to this Vauxhall Ventora, and I found I had to congratulate myself for such a stunning choice