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Newbury Classic Car Show.

Having met at the sociable hour of 09:00 in Halfords carpark, we joined the queue to get in the venue made all the slower because of the car boot sale that shares the entrance.

Despite the weather forecast threat of rain we faired well with good warm sun; a break from the norm this year.

Having got into the arena there was a form to fill in for insurance and once done we parked up in a place of our choice.

As usual this show has an enormous variety of cars and stuff from cars to static engines.

I like trucks.

This morris Minor flatbed deserves a slot all to it's self, now that's what I call PAINT

A couple of steam engines and a Bus. I used to get a bus just like that for school, Farley Stores, Winnersh to The Rifle Volunteer, Woosehill. Cut through the flats, under the railway, into school. Ahh, the memories.

Mustangs anyone?

80's tastic...

And finally, to the car "you would most like to be run over by" goes to a motorbike.

Yes I know a motorbike, but a motorbike with an 8 litre Dodge Viper V10. It sounded like nothing you have ever heard before!!!