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Popham Airfield Car Show.

It was cold it was raining we had hoped the weather person had it wrong, but no as it seems the theme for this year standing in a wet cold field that is the venue for a classic car show was the order of the day.

It’s 8.15 Bank Holiday Monday and the Wokingham contingent Sharon, Phil, Christian & Alan M leave for Down Grange, 40 mins later we met up with Raymondo, Mike, Alec, Jayne & Jim and off we go to Popham Airfield, waiting for us at the entrance is Jeff and Brian and in we go.

This is of course Jayne & Jim’s first show with the Black Mk1 Special.

We find our parking area and in the usual Hampshire Capri Club tradition we dump our cars between the lines. First and most importantly we get the gazebo erected, then out comes the kettle and stove and the tea is being made.

After several of us have walked around the trade stalls in the pouring rain it was decided it was time for Jim to put on his chef’s hat and fire up the barbecue.

The question on everybody's lips was Oh My God are Hampshire Capri Club on fire! And then how the hell can such a small tray make so much smoke ???????

(Note to self, remember breathing gear when bbq is inside gazebo ha ha!!)

Burgers, sausages and chicken are all cooked to perfection by Master Chef Jim. Sharon & Jayne once again bought lots of nice things to eat.

Considering the lousy weather and the slightly sloppy field the turnout was very good lots of old favourites amongst the vehicles and some very good new ones.

Popham show’s obligatory Mustang

Choosing the "car to be run over by" wasn't much fun in the pouring rain but in the end I had to agree with myself in choosing this Vauxhall Velox pick-up and I know Alec rather liked it as well !!!!

As the day was coming to an end we had a visit from a Capri-less Rollie.

Oh and Jeff bought a nice Dinky toys Mk1 Capri in its original box from c.1970 for £40.00.

All in all despite the weather we had a good day and a lot of laughs and are looking forward to Thornycroft Show and maybe some sunshine and or at least a dry day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.