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Picket Piece Car Show.

7.45 9th April weather rain with rainy periods and off we go to meet at Down Grange, as anyone could predict Sharon’s car was still tucked up nice and warm so she rides shotgun with Alan M and Ollie with Phil also in our little group is James (were to be more but several drop-out because of weather, as it turns out they were the smart one’s) Arriving at Down Grange we find Mike, Alec and Jayne & Jim, we wait till 9.00 then off we go to Whitchurch to collect Jeff, Mike leads the way(hold on that sounds like a Ford slogan !!!!!!) and we all try to keep up, 15 mins later we are at Jeff’s house then off we all go again round the lanes to enter showground from the quiet direction although today it didn’t matter as there were somewhat less cars than we are used to at this show.

So into the field................ bit loose to say the least Mike seems to resist the temptation to do the obligatory wheelspin. We are directed to our parking area Oh Oh that ain’t right they are parking us randomly in two rows behind one another, despite protests from Alan M we are told we are now parking in a square not a line and there are no club stands, Raymondo is stuck across the field somewhere and the parking is a debacle.

We erect the gazebo and get out the tea and coffee equipment and settle down in the field on the hillside in Andover to brave the wind and rain, the gazebo is now trying to do an impersonation of a kite and needs to be fixed to the ground more securely than it has ever been before !!!!!

Sharon and Jayne have made sandwiches and bought mmmm nice things to eat as the BBQ is out of the question today for so many reasons. As the day progresses Jim and Alec feel the need to sit in their cars with their heaters going at full belt but the rest of us are made of sterner stuff.

Anyway to a selection of cars parked amongst lots of gaps................

Barbie has the right idea, undercover and in the warm although not sure if her clothes are appropriate for the weather !!!!!!!!!!!!

I Know our editor will like this as do I but all is not as it seems as I find out when I ask to owner if he built it, the number plate had me perplexed you see !! It is actually built on a Sierra, it is a fibreglass “Eleanor” bodyshell , the doors and badges are real Mustang though.

We have laughed at these before but I think we all wish we had one today !

Dunno why I like this just unusual I suppose, it’s a Commer Van.

A Renault Caravelle with Renaultsport wheels This came close to being “The car I would like to be run over by” for today but it was pipped at the post by................

1965 Sunbeam Rapier. So all in all a good day apart from The Rain, The Wind, Getting Our Cars Dirty (and not being able to wash them), The Crappy Parking Arrangements and Soaking Wet Clothes welcome to the 2012 season of events with the Hampshire Capri Club .