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Christmas Bash.

As usual we were fully organised and only arranged the date and venue about a month before it was going ahead, congrats to Mike for stepping up to the mark and organising a great event.

We went to the Waterwitch at Odiham; same as last year, and once again it was a cracking event. Only it's a shame that nobody actually took any pictures!!

The Waterwitch pub, in summer or course, it was dark when we visited and wouldn't have made good picture.

The sole attention for the evening was a little plastic puzzle; that defied all reasonable attempts at solving it. We even had to resort to using pretty much all of the cutlery to pry it into place, it didn't work.

We were almost pleased when another reveller showed us a competed puzzle.

As can be seen from the two pictures there does seem to be a certain amount of guilt when caught attempting the puzzle, but that soon vanished and perseverance resumed.