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Bearwood Classic Car Show.

Bearwood show, bit of a low turn out to this one this year, Alec (flying solo) Andy from Berkshire and Alan M left Sainsbury's car park at 10.15 Andy and Alan arrived at Bearwood 5 Mins later but Alec was no where to be seen we watlited and waited, Alan went back to find him but he had completely disappeared, he finally turned up after about 10 mins.

We went on the rallycross through the trees to get to our spot on the grass by the steps.

Once settled the early wander was in order, at the top of the steps were Ferraris Bentleys and Aston Martin.

This one was very nearly covered in lick marks but then I thought better of it Hee Hee !!.

All kinds of vehicles attended and the place was full, cars were parked all down the long entrance drive.

The show was opened by Uri Gellar who also had his car there but unfortunately I have no pictures.

This 69-70 Corvette was nearly my choice of Car To Be Run Over By

But as anyone who knows me would expect it was a no brainer when I chose.........

The Alan Mann Mk1 Ford Escort plus guests Alan's Son Henry and mechanic Brian.

Words and pics AM