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Cranleigh Classic Car Show.

Early start for this one and a long drive, quite nice when sticking to the country roads though.

A huge club stand with plenty of space for the BBQ, keen observers amongst you will notice how all the Fords are in their natural habitat; stationary with their bonnets up, and the Japanese Jeep is ready to go. Tee hee.

The weather for this was pretty much perfect with a mixture of sun and cloud..

The show seemed larger than ever and the field was pretty much packed with a great collection of all sorts of stuff.

Anyway, some cars......

Take a look at the De Tomaso Pantera, stunning and what a sound it made; it's got a nice bum as well

A couple of good condition Fords.

I like trucks, I had to put the orange one in because Alan thought it was the feature car, oh no.

Some American ones.

Now, moving on to the car "you would most like to be run over by". It just has to be this leviathan; a Simplex, apparently.

Special thanks to the BBQ crew who once again did a marvellous job, even the hungry Cranleigh Lion thought so.