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Basingstoke Festival of Transport.

Following a not too shabby 09:00 off from Down Grange with a pretty good turnout, the short journey to the show ground resulted in the convoy becoming fragmented due to roundabouts, but this didn't matter as it gave the speedy ones a chance to park up.

Once parked the Gazeebo came out.

The pitch was in the normal place in the second field meaning the usual cold wind beat us up again!

However the sun made up for things and warmed our backs nicely and made for a good turnout of cars.

I know the lorry below is a little later and the wrong colour, but as a school kid cycling to school in Wokingham these kind of lorries were the scourge of kiddies and seeing it made memories come flooding back, I'm sure people from the Wokingham area will remember the green Harry Coff lorries, I sure do!!

Ok now for the bit I know you've all been waiting for… the 'Car you'd most like to be run over by'. todays choice is a difficult one and is between two, the Yank pick-up and the Lotus Cortina

As there can only be one winner and I get to choose, I'm sure that those who know me have already guessed my choice, but to ease your anticipation the winner is...


The Lotus, yeah.