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Surrey Festival of Transport.

Six cars went to Loseley Park on 27 May 2013. Sharon’s 280 (which guaranteed a rain free day!), Phil’s 3.0 Ghia, Jayne’s “Damien” 2 litre, Rob’s 1600E, John’s Anglebox and our 2.8i.

The venue was in an open field and it was very dusty and windy! The gazebo went up but we had to take it down as the wind threatened to take it away! Despite the show clashing with the nearby Guildford Agricultural Show it was reasonably well attended with plenty of cars to ogle/dis/admire. We were surrounded by Minis, a bit like a cheap horror movie where the star wakes up surrounded by evil little beasties!

(You can just see our gazebo in this sea of BMC nostalgia)

One of the most eye catching cars at the show had to be this late ‘40s Chevy rat rod. The body shell was modified by chopping and channeling, then lowered onto a complete floor pan, engine, transmission, electrics etc. of a mid 1970s Buick Century (Kojak’s car for those who remember it). Which makes it front wheel drive. An amazing piece of automotive artistry. Love ‘em or hate ‘em Rat Rods certainly have become show stoppers!

Still on to the more important things. The car I would have most wished to be run over by had to be this superb 1932 Ford Model 3 window Coupe hot rod, the paint was stunning!