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Newbury Classic Car Show.

After a very sociable meet of 09:30 in Halfords carpark, we joined the traffic to get in the venue.

The weather performed exactly as the forecast predicted, and soon the sun was shining down making a very pleasant show. This was the first showing for Olly's car having been fixed up in-between working long hours away from home and being able to get to the car.

Having got into the arena we were parked up by the men in hi-viz because the show was packed and parking was at a premium.

As usual this show has an enormous variety of cars and stuff from cars to static engines.

I like trucks.

a very nice BMW deserves a slot all to it's self.

A choice is beginning to form for "the car that I'd most like to be run over by"

A toss up between...

And ...

But then this turned up, and boy how it announced itself, very loud engine accompanied by the whine of a supercharger; any one know what it is?