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Popham Airfield Car Show.

Hold on, wait a minute something doesn’t appear to be right here, let me check mmmmm Bank Holiday Monday 6th May…….Yes.

A group of Hampshire Capri Club cars going to a show at Popham Airfield……..Yes.

Sunshine.....Yes....Ah Ha that’s the bit that isn’t right.

Oh well let’s just go with it.

8.45 Down Grange, Basingstoke and 7 of us meet to drive to Popham where Jeff & Brian will be waiting for us at the entrance. Today’s group includes Raymondo, Graeme & Jan, Mike, Sharon, Phil, Jayne, Jim,Jeff&Brian, Alec & Brigitte and Alan M as a passenger today because Dr Phil has his car in for some surgery.

The day started well with us driving straight to our designated parking area, although the nice gentlemen from the Austin Seven Club didn’t quite see our area and their area the same way we did, but, Hey Ho !! they are older so they must be right, come on guys there was a whole airfield to park in Ha Ha !!

The showground was packed fence to fence with all manner of classic vehicles...…

Our line up and Masterchef Jim

It remained sunny all day and Jayne went home a little PINK around her shoulders.

There were lots of planes flying in and out and around all day which was very interesting to watch.

My choice of car “to get run over by” goes on this occasion to………….

Wait for it…………….

This Ford Falcon Convertible

Dunno why can only guess my Cold & Flu Tablets were messing with my thinking Hee Hee !

Also gotta mention this VW Camper, not quite sure what is going on but would quite like to see it finished
(it looks a little like a 1968 Hot Wheels VW Camper but needs to be Pink metalflake to be that !!
or it bears more than a passing likeness to my Corgi LaFrance fire engine cab)